Brief of Saipan Development Regulation(Zoning Law-2013 )


Saipan Zoning Districts

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (Updated : July 15, 2013)

Design Guideline Summary

  1) Complex Development PJ Design Recommendation Details  

Building Detail. A building facing a street, park, or public walkway shall:
(1) Include at least three of the following design detail elements :
(A) Sculptural, mosaic, or other architectural details;
(B) Planter boxes or other landscaping feature;
(C) Window awnings or other feature to reduce heat from the sun;
(D) Decorative exterior light fixtures;
(E) Landscape trellises or other plantings;
(F) Decorative building materials incorporated into the building facade, including decorative masonry
(G) Individualized patterns or continuous details such as masonry in a geometric pattern, decorative moldings, brackets, wave trim, ceramic tile, stone, glass block, or similar materials


  2) Sustainable Architectural Requirements for New Buildings   

Sustainable Architectural Requirements ;

(1) A new building shall have an insulated roof to an effective level of R19.
(2) A building shall feature two of the following measures to save energy and resources:
(A) Window awning, overhang, or other means to reduce solar gain from windows;
(B) A rainwater collection or water reuse system;
(C) A shaded outdoor area for human activity such as shaded balconies, roof decks, or courtyards;
(D) A means of cross-ventilation with operable windows;
(E) Special siting for indoor climate control (e.g., orientation to a breeze); or
(F) Other means approved by the Administrator or the Board.


  3) Landscaping Design Points (All Zonings)  

Landscaping :

To be suitable and fit the character of Saipan as a growing community in a unique Pacific island landscape. 
Because of landscape assets and a variety of  development types, landscaping—both naturalized and cultivated—will be important in establishing and unifying the community’s character. 

Landscape Plan Considerations :

An applicant shall submit a landscape design plan that addresses the following considerations:
(1) Provide a unified pedestrian circulation system with amenities and plantings;
(2) Provide a coordinated system of open spaces and/or planted areas that provide the required pedestrian areas and landscaping.  The plan should indicate how the various spaces and plantings relate to the project's site design objectives of continuity, variety, activity, etc.;
(3) Screen service or unsightly areas;
(4) Use planting and/or site features that enhance the building’s architectural


  4) Large Site Development Features  



Building Safety Code 


                Wood Frame Walls                

  • Space wall studs no further than 24 inches on center

  • Preferrably 16 inches On Center (o.c.)

  • Place double top plates rather than single top plates


              Wood Frame Walls              

  • Space vertical reinforcements (rebar) no more than 24 inches on center

  • Ensure that ALL CMU cells within 24inches of the corners of masonry walls are grouted